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Welcome to the Case For Here project. Our Mission is to provide free expert witness services to immigrants at risk of deportation, and provide the court with testimony regarding the potential impact of deportation on the client and their family’s physical and mental well-being. Immigrants and their families are often at risk of being disrupted or deported to other countries when they are arrested for sometimes the most minimal of crimes. Clinical social workers and mental health professionals can often make a huge difference in these cases by conducting a family interview, preparing a brief report and testifying to the court about the individual’s parental strengths as well as the traumatic injury such deportations might have on children, and the loss to the community.

Such evaluations is often cost-prohibitive for defendants, which is where Case For Here comes in. Clinicians volunteer to donate a set number of pro bono cases per year and we link them up with attorneys seeking such expert witnesses.

Becoming an expert witness can be daunting, so we provide workshops and collaborative consultation on how to prepare. If you are licensed in your state and looking for a rewarding way to use your clinical skills to make a difference in immigrant rights and support, we want to hear from you!

If you are a clinician and want to volunteer, go here to be taken to our questionnaire that will guide you through giving us the contact info we need to know.  If you are not a clinician but want to volunteer, you can apply as well.

Have questions about the Case For Here project? Check out our FAQs Section.

The Case For Here Project

Case For Here - Mike Langlois, LICSW