Book & Practice Discussion Group: Gratitude & Envy in the 21st Century


Consultant: Mike Langlois, LICSW
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00 p.m. ET
May 3rd– June 21st

This 8-week group will focus on a close reading & discussion of Melanie Klein’s “Envy and Gratitude.” The group will meet for an hour & a half, via Zoom & is open to licensed clinicians. Each week we will discuss a chapter of the book with a brief intro by the consultant. Group members will take turns presenting cases & getting input from each other. Topics will include projective identification & Klein’s theoretical arrival at the crucial importance of gratitude, the surge of emotion towards & for life. Particular attention will be paid to role of splitting in both intrapsychic and interpersonal oppression (e.g., racism, gender, ability) in the 21st Century.

Consultant Bio: Mike Langlois received his BA from Connecticut College in 1991, and his MSW from Smith College School for Social Work in 1994. He has over 25 years of experience counseling children, adolescents & adults. He is currently a teaching associate in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Mike is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. MA Lic: 1027261 CA Lic: 61390 OR Lic: L5785 NY Lic: 089194

Mike is the author of Reset: Video Games & Psychotherapy.

Fee for the group is $500. Please email questions & for enrollment.*

*Depending on your state and licensure this course may be eligible for up to 8 CEs. Please inquire if interested.


Early adopter, enterprise social media platform co-founder, psychotherapist; Mike wears many hats, from clinical social worker to public speaker to corporate consultant for Fortune 500 companies & non-profits. He’s committed to applying principles of play & game design to psychology & education to maximize fun & learning. If you’re looking for an engaging, direct, friendly futurist to help guide you or your organization into a better & more vital place, Mike’s your guy.

In addition to his clinical work, Mike has been a consultant to a variety of organizations in the health, technology and education industries.  This includes his strong experience and commitment to education within and to several school systems, identifying and serving children with Special Needs, including development of Individualized Education Plans and accommodations. He evaluates and helps to develop functional behavior assessments and plans for children and adolescents who need extra support and understanding in order to make effective progress in their public school environment.

Mike currently researches and teaches about the interface between online technologies and clinical theory and practice. In particular he is focusing on the use of online gaming from a self-psychological and object relations perspective; as well as the impact of social networks on interpersonal relationships. He can bring some of his training to your setting, please contact him for information on inservices or upcoming workshops.

Mike serves as a resource for educators and families on Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender awareness and safety, as well as other issues of diversity, including race, cultural awareness, and non-traditional families. In 2006 Mike was appointed by the State of Massachusetts to the Massachusetts Commission for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth. He currently serves in an advisory capacity to the National Association of Social Workers on issues including youth suicide prevention.

Mike provides private supervision for psychotherapists as well. This includes psychodynamically-oriented clinical supervision, as well as mentoring individuals who are seeking to start, grow, and market their own private practice.

Here’s what people say about working with Mike as a consultant:

  • “Michael has acted as a supervisor and consultant for the Couples and Family Program at the Cambridge Health Alliance, Harvard Medical School in his capacity as Teaching Associate. He has been invaluable to our students and our program. Michael practices couples/family therapy in a psychodynamic model. He has been very well liked by students and offers a perspective to treatment that inspires both learners and clients alike.” —Danielle Green, Director, Couples and Family Clinical/Training Program, Cambridge Health Alliance
  • “Michael’s intellect and ability to strategically conceptualize work goals make him very effective. He combines these capacities with a balance of good humor and authentic caring for others, which enlivens his work. Michael’s ongoing commitment to advancing his clinical acumen reflects his deep curiosity and dedication to understanding our human nature.” —Karen Bellows, PhD, LSCSW
  • “Michael gave a fascinating, insightful, original and theoretically sound presentation on a subject that has rarely, if ever, been examined in the psychotherapy literature. He’s relaxed, warm and smart, and I would not hesitate to refer clients to him.” — Cynthia Fertman
  • “Mike Langlois and I work as colleagues /faculty supervisors at Cambridge Health Alliance (officially appointed as faculty at Harvard Medical School)…Mike has a deep understanding of psychodynamic theory and developmental psychology, psychopathology, family systems theory, self psychology, and … is highly valued as a clinical supervisor who teaches on both a theoretical and a practical level, helping clinicians formulate their cases and then think differentially about what approaches to apply and when, as well as how to use themselves effectively as clinicians in various clinical settings. Mike has also spoken to discuss a film at the NASW MA Film Festival and again, he was erudite and most engaging as speaker and facilitator of audience discussion of the film.  I highly recommend Mike as a professional clinical social worker, academic instructor, and clinical supervisor. He is bright, articulate, highly ethical, compassionate, empathic, and highly collaborative. —Goldie Eder, Clinical Supervisor, Ambulatory Social Work, Cambridge Health Alliance
  • “I was recommended to Mike when I was in the preliminary stages of beginning my own private psychotherapy practice. Working with Mike was an invaluable experience. He was able to provide valuable insight and knowledge into what one needs to do to build a successful practice in this day and age. I was able to take all of the information and wisdom he provided and create my own business. Within six months of working together, I had a fully functioning practice. I would highly recommend Mike for consultation, as well as for clinical supervision.” —Melanie Smith-Thuret